Wednesday, March 24

It's Wednesday...

...and I feel like I've only just begun this week. Here's why:
My boy has gone off adventuring for the next week a half. He'll be backpacking with coworkers and then on a service project in West Virginia. It's the longest we'll have been apart since before we were engaged. I promise to not whine and moan too much while he's gone...

I have lots planned for while he's gone...
I'll be pounding the pavement, doing some major leash-training work with Winslo. He's an amazing dog, but the spring fever has caught him, and he needs just a little bit (read - a lot) of training whipping him into shape, especially if we'll be in a large city by the end of the summer. 

I'll be crafting my little booty off, letting all my inspiration show up in a finished project.

Oh, and I'll be working, and meeting up with some friends, and blogging lots and lots.

So, happy Wednesday! How is your week going, friends?


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