Wednesday, March 3

Winslo Wednesdays

it's been such a busy week, and i haven't had much time to blog or craft or read or BREATHE.

nonetheless, i'm not feeling very inspired. you know what i mean? just tired and sort of blah. 

winslo always makes me feel so much better, though. and since our computer is pretty much filled with pictures of our child (ahem) dog, i thought i share a few. 
(and yes, these pictures all involve him wearing things. promise we're not those kind of dog parents. i mean, he's part pit bull so we have to help him keep his manliness!) 
(giving me kisses while wearing matt's shirt)
(porch party bandanna)

(wearing his feet?)

Collective sigh. Off to cuddle with the pup now...

Oh, and I realized lately that I use way too many parentheses. And ellipses. Maybe it's because I write like I talk? And when I talk my stories are always long and rambling and distracted... hope you don't mind...


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