Saturday, March 6

If I won the lottery...

I wish I had had time to be part of Lauren's Fill-in-the-blank Fridays. No such luck with my crazy last week. But I really loved this question:

4.  If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd      pay off my student loans, buy an abandoned building and refurbish it for mixed use (preferably a microbrew, artists space, and apartments). Then, build a small house on top of the building for Matt, Winslo, and I to live in, complete with rooftop gardens and a panoramic view! Hmmm, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!

How cool would a rooftop home be??

wow. wow. wow.

I'm serious. Winning the lottery would be the best ever!

So glad it's the weekend. Aren't you? This is the first time I've been able to sit in one spot for over 20 minutes all week, and it feels great. The sun is out and we have a wedding to go to today, and the oscars are tomorrow!! So geeked... truly. This morning, I'm catching up on Pam and Jim's baby and all your lovely blogs. 
Have a wonderful day!


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