Thursday, April 29

Advice from my Mom - Dad Edition

Today's words of wisdom come from the sweet Sharlyn of Make Lemonade. She contacted me last week to share a little bit of advice she received, and I am so happy to share it with you. You won't regret reading it, I promise!

"Both of my parents are absolutely fantastic. But my mother tends to think I walk on water, so she doesn't always give me the most unbiased advice. So with all the breakup tears came 'I love you, everyone must love you' words from my mom... maybe not exactly that, but that is what I heard. I always went to my mom for advice growing up, always! I mean, everyone likes to hear that they are liked, right? Well, my mom did a really good job at making sure I knew that. My dad however. He was real. He never sugar coated anything. And he somehow managed not to tiptoe around my feelings, without hurting them. {hmm... now that I think about it, maybe he was just a really good tiptoer} Regardless. I remember one evening last summer when he turned my world around..

(sharlyn, her dad, and her little brother at disneyland)
I have always been the type of girl who likes to 'fix' things... other people's thrown out furniture, my best friends hair, and other people. Naturally, I always chose the 'project guy'... and I thought I would be the one to change them. Turn a bad boy good. Something like that. Until, I was fed up. I had had enough bad boys to make an army and successfully overthrow a small country, and I was sick of them. I was never dating again. {right}. I walked into the kitchen at my parents house and poured myself a bowl of cereal. My dad sat down next to me and poured himself a bowl as well. Then I spilled my guts. I told him every horror story of bad dates and bad guys. I told him I was never going to find the right person and no one was ever going to be the good guy I needed. Then he simply said. 

'You'll find him. You've just been going about it all wrong. You want to change people and things about people to make them your dream guy... but the fact is, they just aren't. And they never will be. Love isn't about molding someone into the man you want them to be. Love is about finding a man you don't want to change anything about.'

(sharlyn and her dad, now)
I haven't found that man yet. But I know in my heart.. someday, I will. And I won't have to change anything about him.
Thanks Dad. "
It also happens to by Sharlyn's Dad's birthday today. She wanted to tell him this:

I love you for all the reasons I should, and so many more. You are an incredible father, husband, and man of Christ. You have been there for me through thick & thin, no matter how foolish I have been at times. You have told me when I was wrong, and encouraged me when I was right. I have never felt belittled by you, and I always acted like an adult because you treated me like one. You have always been such a great provider, confidant, and friend. I respect you and love you more than you know and I feel so blessed to be able to call you Dad. Happy 50th Birthday. May the next 50 not go so fast.

Your Favorite Oldest Daughter,

Thanks so much for sharing this advice with us, Sharlyn. I love that your dad was able to offer you such great guidance - we all need someone to tell it like it is sometimes. 

If you are interested in sharing a little advice from your mom, please e-mail me at I'm loving reading all the special things you guys pick up from your parents. It's good to sit back and reflect on the important stuff every once in a while.


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