Monday, May 31

Up North Adventure

We're back from our grand adventure - 18 people in one cottage was quite something! Lots of cards, time by the fire, snacking, sun burns, and lots of laughter. Here's just a peek at our time away:
Winslo loves car rides...
7 hours from home... the upper peninsula is like a different world. nothing for miles, then gas stations that have EVERYTHING...
the lake out the cottage door. Winslo was in heaven.
hike to lake superior
A small group of us took off on Sunday to do a 10 mile loop of Picture Rocks National Lakeshore - 6 miles of pure coastline, sandstone cliffs and crystal clear water.
I love him, sweat and all!

caves to explore
rock jumping

Today, we took our time driving home... stopping at every little tourist trap along the way.
Best $1.25 spent all weekend!

Sometimes tourist traps are really worth it - the 'tower' offered a great view of the Mackinaw bridge.

Back to work tomorrow - less than two weeks left of my wonderful job. I'm so glad we had a relaxing weekend to allow me to gear up for this end push!


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