Wednesday, May 26

Weekend Adventure

This weekend, Matt and I will be venturing up to Munising, Michigan. Munising is in the Upper Peninsula (the U.P. for you non-Michiganders). Way, waaaaay  up in the U.P. About and eight hour drive from our little home.

We'll be staying at a cottage with 18 friends. In six bedrooms. Sharing one bathroom. Did I mention this was going to be an adventure???

I'm excited for Lake Superior, communal meals, board game tournaments, and the road trip there and back. But mostly, I'm excited about returning to the Pictured Rocks for a long day hike.
Matt and I spent a long weekend backpacking in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore a couple of years ago with our dear friends Josh and Angie.

(i feel like i am in my element when we are backpacking - i love that i carry everything i need to survive in a small pack on my back. i love that we can go for days without showering, with no makeup, eating only things that can be made with a little to no heat and purifying our own water. even though we won't be backpacking this time, i'm pumped to hit the trail!)
(i only wish these two could join us up there)

I know I still have two days before it's officially the weekend, but it's been so very hot lately, and our classroom doesn't have air conditioning, and our little beat up car doesn't have air, and our little house reached 90 degrees inside the other night. I don't do hot - and I just can't wait to jump in the cold lake and feel the breeze in my hair!

How about you? Any big trips planned for Memorial Day?


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