Friday, June 25

Five for Friday

A few thoughts about today:
  1. Waiting for hubby to get done playing Sim City on his Iphone is made bearable by the promise of the beach soon! 
  2. I get to wear my brand new $13 one piece from Old Navy. It is brown and has ruffles. It's been forever since I've owned a cutesy little one piece. And my last one was definitely not 13 bucaroos!
  3. Only working 3.5 days a week leaves 3.5 days to hang out un-showered and without makeup. Hurray for that!
  4. My tummy is full of cherry cream cheese strudel from the market. And we have a bag of fresh cherries to munch on during our drive. I LOVE fresh cherries.
  5. My frowny face is because my poor straw hat survived the winter, but barely. It was smooshed below all my shorts, and now has a dent in the top. It's 3 years old... maybe this should really be a smiley picture because I get to buy a new one!
Anywho... HAPPY FRIDAY!! Hope your day is filled with sunshine and iced coffee!

p.s.-i loved hearing about your new obsessions... vintage dresses, recipe cards, cool fabric... wish we all lived closer and could hit up thrift stores together! 


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