Thursday, June 24

New Obessesion

Lately, I've been scouring thrift stores for a set of adorable vintage mugs.

We have a huge set of b-ooooo-ring mugs that came with our dishes from the wedding. They serve their purpose of holding beverages... and oatmeal and cereal when i'm too lazy to wash bowls.

But I want a set with character!!

I think my new hunt has just replaced my previous searches for amazing vintage books. For the craft show, I od'ed on vintage books. And crafting with vintage books. And even looking at vintage books.

Plus, how can you say no to these??


I'm going to really, REALLY try to find a set all on my own. 

Or maybe, I'll just stay home and finally add some new goodies to my own Etsy shop. 

Who am I kidding. It's summer vacation! I'll probably just do both!

what are you obsessed with lately? i'd love to commiserate with you!


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