Sunday, June 20

Three about Me!

The sweet Meg of Meg's Musings tagged me to fill out this fun little '3 about Me' List. Meg and I were seated across from each other at a wedding a couple weekends ago, quickly realized we both had blogs, and spent the better part of an hour chatting about blogs and etsy and blog friends, much to our excitement and our husband's boredom! 

Anyways, here goes! 
3 names i go by:
    3 places i have been (or, the three places that have been influential in my life):
    nairobi, kenya
    backpacking a portion of the appilacian trail
    glen arbor, mi (and the relationships developed every summer (for 8 summers!) there)

      3 favorite drinks:
      unsweetened iced tea
      iced coffee with a little bit of cream

      3 jobs i have had:
      ABA instructor (an intensive teaching style for kids with autism)
      Infant-Toddler Special Ed teacher 
      (mom's 1st grade class photo)

        3 TV shows i watch:
        (can i change this to three shows i can't wait for the season premier of??)
        Mad Men
        Grey's Anatomy (i had totally given up on this show. then the season finale sucker punched me. geez oh petes!)
          3 places i would like to visit:
          New Zeeland

            3 fave retro tv shows 
            (i never had nick at nite or anything like that because we weren't really a tv family, so i picked stuff from middle school. that counts, right?)
            Boy Meets World
            Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 

              3 places I have lived:
               Ada, MI
              Allendale, MI
              Grand Rapids, MI 
              my whole life has been contained in a 30 mile radius - but soon, i can add...
              from this to this: 

              3 favorite dishes:
              Falafel Pita sandwiches 
              Anything with black beans and fresh guacamole

                3 things i am looking forward to:
                moving to a new city!
                finally starting The Happiness Project
                4 more weddings this summer. i love weddings! 

                  3 people i am tagging:
                  kimbirdy of fill your well


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