Tuesday, June 22

The Perfect Pizza

Step one: Roll out of bed. Pretend you are excited to be going to the farmer's market at 9 on Saturday.

Step Two: Make husband take a picture of you. To show off that you can wear a dress even though you haven't showered. Or put on make up.
Step Three: Walk around the corner to the Market. Laugh at all the people stuck in traffic.

Step Four: Take a deep breath. Get some coffee. Brace yourself for the crowds.
Step Five: Mmmmmm. Get distracted by the colors. Remember you don't like radishes. Or turnips. Or white carrots. Remember... your mission is FRESH PIZZA CRUST (and the best kettle corn, ever.).

Step Six: This brief intermission is brought to you by the 22nd annual West Michigan Pride Fest. I love face cut-out boards, almost (ALMOST) as much as photobooths. 

Step Seven: Monday night, Hubby assembles his pizza masterpiece. Half bacon. Half tomatoes. Fresh basil and oregano from our teeny container garden. Melted butter and garlic brushed crust.

Step Eight: Take a bite of the best.pizza.ever!!


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