Monday, July 19

Empty Walls, Empty Floors

We move in 12 days. 

Less than two weeks.

I've never lived more than a 30 minute drive from where I grew up. We'll only be 3 hours away in Chicago... but we're ditching the car as soon as we get there, so it'll be a 4 hour train ride one way...

Our apartment is empty... the furniture is sold and the walls are bare.  The things we own now can fit in our bedroom (our bed included!).

Poor puppy has been so confused as we pack and move things around... his favorite things are no longer where they used to be.

Hubs and I are beyond excited. I've never felt more free - like I could go anywhere and do anything. We're excited to have time to just be a couple, unencumbered by obligations and not weighed down by pointless stuff. We are go, go, go, do, do, do kind of people. We love to be surrounded by friends as much as possible. And yet, this move brings the need to lean on each other and grow as a couple. 

In the meantime, though... want to come over?? We have a couple empty rooms. They aren't large, but they are perfect for dance parties!!


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