Monday, July 26


My life as of late has been pretty wash-rinse-repeat. We've been purging and packing and selling and donating. We've been visiting friends, and eating lots of weird combinations of food to use up condiments and such. We've been hugging lots of people and reminding them that we'll only be a couple hours away.

(it's been exhausting)

Life has also consisted of:
-trying to convince matt that yes, of course, i need that cream pitcher and sugar bowl that match our dishes
-and that cute martha stewart bundt pan that hasn't been used, and all the other fun kitcheny gadgedtry that i haven't gotten around to using yet. it's necessary, right?
- placing lots of free things on craigslist - then leaving them by the side of the road:
(these chairs were gone in a matter of minutes. it amazes me what people will pick up if it's free. and i swear, they were in this condition when we got them, for free. i promise - i was going to make the cutest little covers for them! sigh...)
-comforting our confused and insecure puppy with giant stuffed animals:
(he's less than impressed...)

- and I have officially packed up all of my stuff from my classroom. friday was the last day of summer school, and i am now officially out of a teaching job :(

I've also been missing all of you terribly. I have been an awful bloggy friend, and I'm sorry. Not only have I been a broken record around these parts about the whole moving thing, I've also been neglecting all of you! I can't wait to get back in the swing of things and visit all of you on a regular basis again!! I hope you've found time to relax and soak in life the past few weeks... and have taken advantage of the little adventures that come your way!


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