Tuesday, July 6


i'm back from early anniversary - apartment hunting - fourth of july celebrating - and sun poisoning to finally, finally say hello to all your pretty faces!

it's been an eventful past few days.

lets start at the beginning, shall we??
first. this is how america celebrates it's independence. blowing stuff up and drinking beer. but mostly just blowing stuff up. 

(this is a photo of matt in the WORLD'S LARGEST FIREWORKS STORE. they also have locations in 5 other states. hmmm....)

we also spent a day blissfully floating down a river on tubes. despite my re-applying of SPF 50, i managed to scald my legs, tummy, and chest. and ended up with a pretty nasty case of sun poisoning. ugh. i spent most of the fourth curled up in bed, but recovered in time for fireworks!!

photo from our fancy smanchy hotel in chicago. looking this photo now, i realize i should have taken one of us in the mirror, so we'd actually have a photo of us together from pre-anniversary celebration. oh, hindsight!
also. i promise i didn't spend our whole trip reading the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. just some of it. as evidenced by this photo. pretty harbor, eh?
fourth. this is our future kitchen. in the apartment (ahem... studio) we are approved for in CHICAGO. and yeah, it's about five blocks from the harbor in the above picture. 

move in date - august 1st. 
(commence freak out and crazy down sizing!)

why hello cozy noodles! you are my new favorite take out place. 

needless to say, the rest of this month is going to be crazy. we still don't have solid jobs. our love nest is about to get cut in half, so we have some insane paring down to do. i'm also teaching summer school for a couple weeks and we have our wedding marathon weekend coming up

pretty exciting stuff, for sure. but i apologize in advance if i'm a bit absent around these parts for the next few weeks! i'll try to check in as much as possible, i promise!


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