Monday, October 11

Exploring our Neighborhood

Yesterday, the weather reached 85 degrees. The sunshine combined with the fall leaves meant we absolutely had to spend the day outside.
Sunday has become our unofficial date day, as hubby has been working saturdays since we moved here. But because we've had out-of-town guests practically every weekend, and because we are both working like crazy, Sunday usually ends up being pj and errand day.
Super lame.
So today, we started walking. And pretty much didn't stop. 
The Chicago Marathon route was a block away from us this morning, and winslo really enjoyed cooling down in the leftover ice at a cooling station!
 Balloon dog in Lincoln park!
Getting a call from my dear friend and teaching-soul-mate Kristin... announcing that she had just gotten engaged! Yay!

Looks like I'm making some progress toward sitting back and relaxing, even if it's in the form of an 8 mile trek around our neighborhood (and a few others... we got a bit ambitious!)

How was your weekend, lovelies?? Any good news to share?


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