Friday, October 15

Our Future

I love this print so much. 

I know I haven't mentioned work much since we moved to Chicago - I made the mistake of taking the first job that came along, and ended up caught in a job where I felt taken advantage of as a teacher and as an employee.

I've tried my hardest to have a positive outlook on each day, to treat each child with the respect and care they deserve. It's the first time where I've found that my personal behavior has absolutely no influence on the behavior of the people around me. And I'm tired of being taken advantage of as a quality teacher. 

So today, I have an interview for a teaching position at a wonderful child development center downtown. And if I get this new job, I am so buying this print. Even if it's postcard-sized. 

(In fact, I'll probably buy it even if I don't get the job. It's a great reminder...)

Happy Friday, loves. 


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