Monday, December 20

Why, hello there!

Can I first say how much I've missed you these past few weeks?? My break from the blog world was unplanned and much needed.  Things have been busy in the Auburn Street household. Very, very busy.

A smattering of events from the past few weeks (smattering... i like that word!)-
  • Packed up our lives. Again.
  • Celebrated Matthew's birthday
  • Hubs starting a new big boy job, on his birthday
  • Moving into our new apartment, on hub's birthday (whew... tired yet??)
  • Started painting and rearranging our new place
  • Annual watching of Love Actually and Home Alone
  • Crafting of Christmas presents and homemade wrapping for presents 
  • Eating way too much freezer food because of all our dishes being packed for a week
  • Unpacking boxes in order to make Christmas cookies!
So. Life is good, and we have so much to be thankful for, and we're hoping that life will slow down for a while now. At least until we hit the road for home in a few days!


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