Tuesday, January 4

Easy Cheesy

Please tell me you saw Poppytalk's 2010 Most Influential design list last week. If you didn't, check it out immediately! I love Poppytalk, and man, this list pretty much sums up 2010 design-wise. A few of my favorite trends included:
 reclaimed wood
 bright ideas
(images from poppytalk)
Inspired by these design ideas and having a wide-open Sunday afternoon, I decided to whip up a little something. 
I dug though my old jewelry and found a pile of bangles. I used to rock bangles all the time, and lately I've wanted to update my accessories. 

I grabbed a yellow bangle, a hot glue gun, and embroidery floss. 

My new bracelet looks great with the vintage brass ones I've had forever!
Now that we have space and large windows, I have a feeling that my crafty juices may just start flowing again!


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