Sunday, January 2

Happy New Year!

Phew. I think it goes without saying that 2010 was jam packed with exciting and endless changes. We started the year living in Grand Rapids, working jobs we loved and loving our first year of marriage. We finished 2010 a year wiser - in a 'grown up' apartment in Chicago, having both (finally!) found jobs we love here. Life is great, and we rang out 2010 with a small celebration at our new place.

I made homemade pizza for 12 - let's just say I underestimated how much the dough would grow when it doubled!
 We threw a kicken' 90's party - here's the hubs and I 90's style. We danced and watched old music videos and drank too much champagne. So much fun.
 Oh yeah, those are some awesome shoulders for me. And hubs has a sweet gold chain!
 Party poppers and noise makers.
Party people! Bad 90's editing to go with bad 90's outfits!
 Party poppers - still not totally vacuumed out of the carpet!
 Party poopers, not poppers - two tired pooches.
 I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve! Happy 2011!!


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