Tuesday, December 15

I've Been Busy...

Want to see some serious Christmas crafting? Are you sure???

Cause I've been busy - and I can actually show you some pictures, as long as you promise not to tell anyone!
 Like these little flower pins I've been making for Matt's Grandmas (and one for myself, too):

And a little french press cozy for my dad out of a recycled sweater.

Little recycled sweater Christmas trees, inspired by the Wisecraft post I talked about here
And our very first Christmas stockings. Stockings are probably my favorite thing about Christmas morning - I'm totally a trinket girl, and I love the little surprises that fit in stockings. I like how simple & classically Christmas these turned out.

Embroidered M and S - took FOREVER - but worth it!
I'm going to work on a little one (hopefully with a paw print) for the puppy!

Anything fun keeping you busy this week?


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