Friday, January 15

This too shall pass

Did anyone else have a tough week? Between the disaster in Haiti, the bleak grey that is Michigan in January, and stress at work, it was all I could do to resist curling up in bed and not getting out.

This video by Ok Go was exactly what I needed to see to bring a smile to my face. Follow the link. I promise it's worth it - we all need a reminder that this too shall pass. And there is a drum line.

And this song came on during my drive home. I sang along at the top of my lungs.

I also danced around to a little Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Guilty pleasure - and i didn't actually know who lady gaga was before this song, and now i'm a bit addicted!  Oh, and the video FREAKS me out, but I can't stop watching it!

I feel much much better now. Isn't it awesome how music does that?
(and a hubby who did all the dishes and errands while i was at work. that helps, too!)


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