Tuesday, February 16

Fat Tuesday or How I learned to be a good Polish Wife

My last name, which used to be so short and sweet, now contains the consonant combination of sz. And ends in ski. And since marrying into a Polish family, I've come into contact with many forms of breaded pockets filled with things (perogis, stuffed cabbage, etc...)

Today, though, I ate devoured a paczki (pronounced pont-ski) for the first time. And it was amazing. By far my favorite breaded pocket yet!
We headed out to my favorite local Pastry shop - Vans. 
Oh my, look at that dream of a pastry!
Matt is from the north side of Detroit, where Polish families reign supreme. He has introduced me to all sorts of cool traditions, all of which revolve around food (my favorite kind of tradition!)

Our friends, Jared and Sarah - not new to Paczkis at all!
Some of the amazing cookie jars on display - yes, that is a hamburger. They also have one of Michael Jordan in traditional Space Jam uniform!
So I went and wikipedia-ed paczki's. I can't believe I missed such a yummy tradition all these years. Interesting paczki facts: In Hamtramack, a Polish-American suburb outside of Detroit, there is a Paczki Parade every year on Fat Tuesday. Check out this video:
Is your mouth watering yet? I might have to go back and get another! 
Happy Paczki Day, loves!


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