Monday, February 15

Wonderful Weekend

What a lovely weekend! 
It was filled with heart garlands:
Late night dance parties to David Bowie with Lindsay and Dave (who like to play dress up with Winslo)
Sunday brought lots of cuddling on the couch:
Being inspired to join a roller derby-
(my roller derby name would be Snarls Barkley, if you have to know...we are now officially on a hunt for a roller derby in greater Grand Rapids)
Then deciding on a late night photo shoot:

Matthew decidedly does NOT like Valentine's day. In fact, I made him a little something but I'm saving it for a random time to surprise him. Even so, he woke me up early yesterday morning saying, "Where do you want to go for your Valentine's breakfast date??" We went to the delicious Real Food Cafe and snagged seats at the bar within 5 minutes of walking in. Then, he (GASP) took me to Schuler's, our favorite local bookstore, so I could browse for as long as I wanted. Yes, I married a man who doesn't like sitting in bookstores, and yes, I knew this before we got married. Everything else was just to perfect to resist :)

So now it's Monday, and I have a whole-wide week off stretching out in front of me. I'm going to be doing lots of crafting, lots of blogging, maybe some cleaning? And I think I'm going to tackle baking cupcakes. Because for all my crazy adventures in the kitchen, I have NEVER made cupcakes from scratch! 

So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything surprising?


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