Thursday, March 11

Our bathroom is a submarine.

So. We live in a small apartment. It's the second floor of an old house, and we're not sure when the house was turned into apartments. It's safe to say that our floor was not designed to be a stand-alone unit originally. And before we moved in, our apartment was the poor, neglected, mooch of a brother compared to the first floor. 

The floors slant substantially. Our roof leaked this past fall, resulting in what I call the "bubble" (a large puff of paint that grows in the humidity). My craft room lacks a single heat vent. 

And when you close the door to our bathroom, you can practically hear the beep of a sonar and imagine a porthole next to the sink. Going to the bathroom at our house is similar to riding in a submarine, and not a  cool, Wes Anderson one. More like a soviet one that has been out of order for far too long. 

Oh, and did i mention that it doesn't have a fan?? Fog-fest every morning. 
(curved ceiling. rocking pull chain bare bulb light. completely utilitarian track shelving.)

 (teeny medicine cabinet. clamshell light. only one electric socket.)

Notice the color scheme? Yeah, that's right. My landlord closed the door, took a paintbrush, and painted every single surface a lovely brownish tan color. Towel bars. Hooks. Shower curtain rod. Inside the shower. Awesome. 


We may only be committed to living in our little place for another few months, but I am sick of being sick of my bathroom. I am on a mission to make it less sub-like, one little touch at a time. 

Have you customized a room in a rented house? I don't want to use paint, and I don't want to spend much... wish me luck (or leave me advice...)!


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