Wednesday, April 21

Advice from my Mom - Angie's Point of View

Today, I'm so happy to have Angie from Angelina La Dawn Tomato share a little advice from her mom. Most of you know her as my bestie for life, but she also happens to be best friends with her mother. She has this to say:

"My mom is, and always has been, an enormous source of wisdom in my life- she has taught me so many things about myself and people, and even prepared me to be a wife. But when I think about the advice she’s given me that really has stuck like glue, it’s something she told me when I was just a kid.

(angie's mom, her sister, and angie - back in the day)

 I don’t know how old I was, or how the subject came up, but I remember this:
'if you grow up to be the most famous opera singer in the world but don’t work hard, I’ll be disappointed. but if you grow up to be a truck driver and work hard, I’ll be proud. I don’t care what you do, as long as you’re working hard at your craft.'
And I don’t know, maybe it’s not that profound, and maybe it’s not so much “advice” but I’ve never forgotten it. ever. It’s so much more than a work-ethic- it’s a way of life- It’s about taking pride in yourself and your work.
She didn’t just tell me that, she showed me that. day in and day out I saw her striving to be her best, to be above-average, even if it was a project she didn’t like or wasn’t passionate about. and I wanted to be just like her. 
(angie and her mom, now)
So for that, I say thanks mom- for teaching me how to be a hard worker and take pride in everything I do. your words {and actions} really sunk in."

(read my mom's advice to me here. i would love to share your mom's advice, too. did she share any words of wisdom to live by? email me at


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