Friday, April 23

The Ride

See this pot of pasta salad delicious-ness??

Well, I came home from work the other day, and the whole giant pot of it was sitting on the stove. Courtesy of my wonderful hubby, who had also done all the dishes and cleaned up around the house. 
(even winslo wants some -but let's face it - what doesn't he want a bit of??)

Who knew his unemployment could turn out so well for me in the end?? Okay... so I'm joking about benefiting from his unemployment (a little). And I hate the word 'unemployment'. He is simply between jobs. His Americorp term just ended and he's applying for jobs in Chicago like a madman, and being the wonderfully amazing, creative, and handsome man he is, I know he'll find something he can be crazy passionate about soon. 

I would be remiss to say, though, that the fact that he is out of a job and my contract ends in a few months as well isn't making me a wee bit stressed out.

Because it is. I'm a planner who likes to have all her ducks in a row. I like little, manageable adventures that I can pack a weekend bag for. Not great, big, life-changing adventures. Big adventures stress me out. I am trying, though, to take deep breaths and enjoy the ride (wherever it may take us).

In the mean time, I'm soaking up my amazing job for all it brings. Spring has sprung in our little classroom, and I'm loving every minute of it.

we've been making kites and growing grass seed, leaving trails of foot prints and singing about ducks... making friends and learning our names (not to mention how to talk, walk, use sign language, hold a crayon, and climb stairs. you know, the stuff that makes my job so amazing!)


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