Tuesday, August 17

New Ink

So Matthew, being the wonderfully sweet and tattoo-emblazoned hubby that he is, surprised me with a gift card to our favorite tattoo parlor for our one-year anniversary, which was a month ago already.

I always have had a major love affair with Michigan. Especially now that we've moved on to a new state (with a super lame shape, by the way). I love the people, and the seasons, and the trees (oh! the trees). And of course, I love me some Great Lakes. 

So I've been thinking (dreaming) about what I could possibly get for my second tat. And I've slowly had my heart set on the outline of the Great Lakes, in light blue ink. Of course, it'd still be applicable because Chicago still borders the Lake Michigan. And because the Mitten State will always be near and dear to my heart. 

And if I don't get it... I can always fall back on that little nose ring I've been dreaming about since I was 16. 

Just sayin'. 


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