Friday, August 20

Sports Fan

I've never been one to care much about sports. And when I say I don't care much, I mean that I lack any sort of athletic inclination or interest of any kind. 

But when a husband calls you up in the middle of the day to say he found $7 tickets to the game down the road, and can we please, please go... well, a girl just can't turn that down (this girl can't at least).

Especially when that game takes place in Wrigley Field - one of the oldest operating ballparks in the nation. It also features one of the last hand-turned score boards, anywhere. And we all know I love me some vintage appeal. 
I also love me some good ol' underdogs. I am still baffled that so many people flock in to watch the Cubs lose over and over again. 

I've decided it's because they have such a cutest mascot ever:

And let's not forget that mid-90's classic, Rookie of the Year. Which was so filmed down the road from me. Score!


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