Monday, August 16

Happy Blog Birthday!!

(our new home)

It's official. I started this blog a year ago, today. 

We were in Kansas with Angie and Josh, and Angie and I decided to start these little blogs to keep track of one another.

In the past year, though, Auburn Street has grown into so much more... I use it to record all the little things that make life so great, as well as the little projects I do and the inspiration I find along the way.

I love this blog, and am so happy to FINALLY have internet. For reals, y'all! Last week was a false alarm.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:
Documenting object love, His & Hers style. 

Wheeled body art

Birthday adventures, and my first edited movie...

Beachy Keen (i miss this place...)

Halloween photoshoot with Squid and Whale

Anyways. I'm back. I'm blogging. And I'm pumped to celebrate my first year as a blogger!


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