Wednesday, September 15

A New Home

If our first apartment was a tree house, our new apartment is a closet. Not joking. I wanted to do a little house tour for you kids, and yet I couldn't get far away from any of the walls to get a good picture.

For instance, this is our kitchen:
Super glamorous. And about 20 square feet total. 
(you know your jealous of the bear)

And these are my little woodland creatures, adorning our bathroom. Which is so much brighter and cheerier than the submarine bathroom we had before, and actually has a cabinet, which I am so grateful for.

And this freak of nature, my friends, is our closet. The one and only. It doesn't have a door, but it is a bit larger than the kitchen!
It is home to our clothes and towels, all of our backpacking supplies, all the books and art that don't fit on our walls, my sewing machine and miscellaneous craft supplies... pretty much everything we own lives in this room. All the things that filled 2 bedrooms and a storage room in Grand Rapids. Crazy, huh?

I sure am grateful to call this little place home, though. Sometimes I can't believe that less than two months ago, we were living and working in Grand Rapids, miles from my family and many of our dear friends. We had a car and spent a lot of time running around from place to crazy place.

Now, we live in a teeny tiny studio less than a mile from Lake Michigan, and I get to walk to a job I love every morning. We cook and eat together at night, and take long walks in the dusk, exploring our neighborhood (which seems to stretch on and on...). We spend a lot of time focusing on us, dreaming of growth and possibility, instead of allowing ourselves to be swept along by life. We are meeting new people and trying new things, missing our old lives but embracing our new one.

It is strange to watch Chicago become our home...


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