Monday, October 4


Tonight is for me. 
A glass of red wine, new episodes of Mad Men and Dexter, and my pup. 

The past few days of life have been sheer madness. Friends staying over on work nights (gasp), helping our dear friends Brad and Steph move less than 5 miles away, and a speedy trip back to grand rapids for art prize, back in time for a crazy day at work!

But now I'm back, and excited to be back in the routine (or maybe trying to force it the excitement...) 

Nothing a little red wine can't fix, right?

Red wine... and looking forward to the future. A few things I'm excited for right now:
1. Sleeping in my own bed.
2. Our road trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC.  I love a good road trip, especially one with a purpose.
3. Watching the leaves change... and breaking out my boots and tights, every single day. 
4. A trip to the pumpkin patch with my 2's and 3's class. Yup. It'll be crazy.
5. The restart of craft night - Chicago style!!

What are you excited for???


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