Monday, November 8

Daylight Savings

As much as I love the extra hour of sleep that daylight savings brings, I really dread this time of year, as the days get shorter and shorter. It got dark around 5 pm today. And I'm sorry. But that's just really early.

So I've been starting to compile a list of things I can do to keep my spirits high with all this extra darkness:

1. Puppy hide-and-seek
where is winslo??

2. Work on my poorly lit indoor photo skills:
(woah blurry. so glad i have 25 of these to remind me of saturday night!)

3. Spend more time in my craft room ::ahem:: with my craft tub. I know I've been a much more deliberate crafter now that it's cooler, but it's time to really get down to business and work on those Christmas presents!
(and yes, this is my craft room. this and a shelf and my sewing machine... and a few plastic drawers. i have a serious addiction to craft supplies!)

4. Curl up with a few good books. Like this one. And this one. And maybe this one.
5. Experiment with light writing, Chicago-style!
(bestie and i, 2008. so young!)
6. Start my search for the perfect ornament for Micaela's Ornament Swap. Did you join in?

Whew. Looks like I have enough to keep me busy for a while! 
How do you plan on spending your chilly late-fall evenings?


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