Monday, November 15

Weekend Love

This weekend, I loved:
cheesy bowling alleys, where you have to keep score on paper while listening to some sweet juke box tunes.

 cinephile kittens. oh, and the movie adam. if you haven't seen it, you should. but i'm warning you - keep your tissues nearby!

braving the cold (i know, it's only going to get colder. today was good practice for this winter. brrrr!) in order to explore our city.

 public transportation. 

 the gooey monkey panini at wicker basket cafe. yes, i am holding a panini filled with peanut butter, blackberry jam, and bananas, then toasted with cinnamon and sugar. it was like eating desert in a sandwich!

and this new kid cudi song on repeat. it helps that mclovin' is in the video!

'Twas a wonderful weekend. How was yours??

P.S. - Hubby has a new photo tumblr. He is responsible for most of the pictures I share here, mostly because I don't have half his talent with a camera. Check it out! He's the greatest.


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