Wednesday, December 30

So it wasn't a baby elephant...

Remember my big present??

It wasn't a baby elephant. Or giraffe. Or ladder.

It was way, way better. First, Matt had me open a large box containing a super cute white bicycle basket. I have bike basket, but it is a REI techy looking one, functional, but lacking any vintage style. I loved it. Then, on too the big box:

And not just any bicycle. Look!!

That's right. My wonderfully amazing husband bought me a vintage tandem bicycle frame!!

Not sure if you know this, but I have a long standing love affair with tandems. I mean, we have matching tandem tattoos, for goodness sakes. And the pillows.

I am so so so SO excited! Our project from now until the snow melts is to reconstruct the bike, hand-picked piece by hand-picked piece. I love hubby-wifey projects almost as much as I love tandems.

So yeah. I got lots of other super fun and creative gifts from everyone, but this one takes.the.cake.

I really have the best husband. Ever. 

(oh, and my mother in law got matthew a home beer brewing kit. our projects are going to take over the house!)


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