Monday, April 26

Worst Case Scenario

You know those deep breaths I told you I was taking??

Well, I'm still trying to remember to come up for air every once in a while. 

Your comments helped immensely. I don't know what I'd do without all you lovely ladies.

I also met a new friend tonight - my favorite bosnian friend introduced matt and i to her and her cute man. She is from Kosovo, and her boyfriend is from the Netherlands. They met a year ago and they seem like pros at taking things one day at a time. Matt was explaining out grand in-between everything adventure to her, and I made some faces. They weren't nice faces.  And she pretty much called me out on it.  My favorite thing she said:

"Okay. Worst case scenario - you guys move and fail royally. At least you are failing together, right???"

Woah. Ummm, thanks for the kick in the butt, new friend. I told her I needed to shrink her down so I could carry her around in my purse and pull her out for a little encouragement every now and again. I'm not sure if she still wants to be friends...

Anyways. I'm not one for getting to deep on this here little blog. Hope you don't mind too much.

Another way we practice taking deep breaths:
(Reading in the sun - finished Middlesex. Loved it beyond words. Felt a deep vacuum in my life without it, so immediately picked up The Piano Teacher.)
(Husband breathes by pretending to be Huck Finn. And by letting me drag him to my favorite childhood parks.)
(Winslo finds that pretending to be a duck-billed platypus helps him forget about things, as well.)


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